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Marina Lumbarda – Korcula

Die Marina Lumbarda liegt etwa 6 km östlich der Stadt Korčula auf der gleichnamigen Insel in Süddalmatien. Sie bietet sich ideal als Ausweichhafen für die oft überfüllte ACI Marina Korčula an aber auch wer einen Törn in die naheliegenden Nationalparks Lastovo oder Mljet plant, kann von hier aus starten. Die Marina Lumbarda auf Korcula ist also nicht nur eine günstige Alternative zur ACI Marina Korcula, sondern ein echter Hotspot unter Yachties.


Marina Lumbarda

Die Marina Lumbarda auf Korcula ist eien gute Alternative zur ACI Marina Korcula

Die Ansteuerung ist einfach und die Einfahrt am Leuchtfeuer auf dem gebogenen Wellenbrecher auch bei Nacht gut zu erkennen. Durch diesen Wellenbrecher ist die Marina zwar gut vor Schwell geschützt aber bei Bora kommt es trotzdem zu starken Windböen im Hafen.
Die Marina Lumbarda bietet 115 ganzjährige Wasserliegeplätze, die alle über Muringleinen und einen Strom- und Wasseranschluss verfügen. Die Liegeplätze für Gäste sind im besten Fall auf 20 Plätze begrenzt. Liegeplätze in der Marina können zum besten Preis über mySea gebucht werden.

Im einzigen Sanitärgebäude steht eine begrenzte Anzahl an Duschen und Toiletten bereit und zum Öffnen benötigt man einen Schlüssel. Allerdings kann es hier während den Stoßzeiten zu längeren Wartezeiten kommen und dann ist auch nicht immer genügend warmes Wasser verfügbar.

Hier ein Video über die Marina Lumbarda auf Korcula:

New Rhodes Marinas

The work on the new Marina in Rhodes started many years ago but then fell into a deep sleep. Because of problems with the authorities, all work stopped and the site lay idle for many years. Insiders from Rhodes even assumed that the marina would always remain unfinished. And in actual fact, nothing happened for a long time. The only yacht harbour was Mandraki Marina.

New Marina Rhodes

The new Rhodes Marina

In summer 2015 mySea users very unexpectedly reported that the marina was up and running. And as it is a rare event for a marina to open in Greece, mySea got onto a plane to Rhodes to get first-hand information. We arranged to meet Christoforos Charisis, the manager of Rhodes Marinas.
First things first: the new Marinas Rhodes has in fact commenced operations but it is far from being finished. There is still a lot of building work going on at the site. Many buildings are still shells, others are ready to move into. Apart from one yacht agency all of the premises are, however, still empty. There is still no bar, café or restaurant. However, you only have to cross the busy street to find various restaurants, a bakery and two supermarkets.

Rhodes Marina

Rhodes Marinas from the north

Christoforos Charisis assures me, however, that many of the premises in the new builds are either already let are about to be let. According to him, an exclusive restaurant, a coffee chain, various clothing stores, a gym with a spa area, a chandlery, service agencies as well as a rental company for vehicles and scooters will be moving in.
The sanitary facilities and the room for washing machines and dryers are, however, finished. The atmosphere is, as expected, modern and functional.

Reception of Marina Rhodes

Modern Reception of Marina Rhodes

80% of the berths have already been equipped with mooring lines, the missing 20% will be coming in winter. Water, electricity, Internet and TV connections are also available. At Rhodes Marina, free Wi-Fi (1 Mb/sec.) is standard. High-speed connections can be obtained for an additional charge. Wired LAN connections are available, too. Connections with the typical RJ-45 connectors have been integrated into the power points.
The marina has berths for up to 380 yachts. 10% of the berths are going to be available to charter companies. Yachts up to 60 m long can moor at the breakwater. CCTV cameras have already been installed there. The other berths are also going be fitted with a camera surveillance system. Therefore, yacht owners will be able to keep an eye on their yachts even during winter. The entire marina is fenced and monitored by security staff.

The new buildings of Marina Rhodes

The new buildings of Marina Rhodes

The new Rhodes Marina is located about 2.5 km from the old town, the town of Rhodes is about 4 km away. A taxi into town costs about 7 euros each way.
The fuel station located at the north mole is in fact ready but still has no operating licence. They are planning to open for the 2016 season. Until then, boaters have to fall back on the tankers as is otherwise customary in Greece.
There are no cranes in the marina at the moment. The area for dry berths has a capacity for about 220 yachts and should be ready by 2017. There will also be a powerful crane there by then.

The new Marina Rhodes

Marinas Rhodes

The completed facilities as well as the intended opening of exclusive stores and restaurants shows the direction the marina is taking: Rhodes Marinas is to become a resort for super and mega yachts. So far, the density of super and mega yachts in the Dodecanese is still comparatively low. If you go across to Turkey, it’s a different story. Here, many exclusive marinas have sprung up, such as the Palmarina in Yalikavak or the Club Marina in Gocek. Whether Rhodes Marinas’ strategy is successful and well-heeled customers moor here, remains to be seen.

Find out more about Marinas Rhodes on interactive cruising guide mySea.

Porto Rosso on Lastovo

Porto Rosso, a nautical centre resembling a marina, lies in the bay of Skrivena Luka, which means “hidden bay”, on the island of Lastovo. And in fact, the entry to the natural harbour is barely visible from the sea if it weren’t for the lighthouse, which also shows the way in the dark. The bay provides good protection from all winds and the swell, but when there are south-westerly winds there is some swell in the bay and the Bora causes down gusts from the surrounding hills. However, the bay is the safest anchorage in all of Lastovo.

Porto Rosso jetty and restaurant

View from the air on Porto Rosso, Skrivena Luka bay

The large floating pontoon is located on the western shores of the bay and provides berths for about 30 yachts up to 40 m long. All of the berths have water and electricity and are included in the inexpensive prices. The depth of the sea towards the shore is about 2 metres, outside even 10 metres. All of the pontoon guests can use the sanitary facilities behind the house with clean toilets and showers. Laundry services are also available. Small repairs can be carried out here. Boats can also be held here in the winter.

The Porto Rosso restaurant owns the pontoon that shares its name. Marčelino Simić and his team have transformed the former fisherman’s house into a modern and well-kept restaurant. The building made of natural stone is nestled between the hills and the sea, surrounded by green pines, which provide a welcome shade over the terrace. There is a small garden behind the house where organic vegetables are grown. The aroma of fresh tomatoes and herbs is extremely mouthwatering. A small pebble beach with loungers and beautiful clear water is popular with children and adults alike. If anyone wants to enjoy a drink in a pleasant atmosphere before or after dinner they can do so in the cocktail bar.

Porto Rosso serves a number of various delicacies, which even gourmets will appreciate: fish carpaccio of monkfish in a fine herb sauce, crayfish or lobsters, goat’s cheese with a wild asparagus salad and homemade bread and a whole lot more. The dishes are accompanied by selected wines, most of which are also organically cultivated and pressed. Most ingredients come from Lastovo and are farmed organically. The surrounding sea is clean and rich in fish and underwater life.

Our video about Porto Rosso gives you a good overview about the bay, jetty and restaurant.


Lastovo is off the beaten tracks of charter and generally tourism is less developed here compared to many other islands. Because of its strategic location, Lastovo was a military island until 1989 and tourists were barred. In 2005 the green island was declared a nature park. The 800 odd inhabitants live mainly from agriculture and fishing. In the last few years, tourism (water sports) has been playing an increasingly greater role.

Anyone willing to make the long journey to Lastovo should reserve a berth in advance. It’s easy with mySea and you won’t pay a single kuna more than at the location itself. The exact prices for the berths in Porto Rosso can be found here.

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New berth booking partners

There is a number of new and interesting berths you can book via mySea. If you book a berth online in advance then that berth is also secured, ”no ifs, no buts”. As berth owners receive all the necessary information regarding the booking they can plan better and welcome guests in person. And all this doesn’t cost a single cent more!

Many marinas and restaurant jetties have realised this and offer some of their berths online, enabling you to concentrate on what is important – sailing and enjoying the sea. We hope you will also use our online booking service for our newest partners:

Marina Kornati, Biograd: Marina Kornati in Biograd is not only a starting point for yacht charters and many high-class regattas, it also has plenty to offer guests. There are several well-assorted supermarkets and discount shops in Biograd, ideal for stockpiling. Moreover, there are a number of good restaurants and konobas. If you are still full of drive after dinner, then you can spend the rest of the evening in one of the many bars until late in the night. More information on Marina Kornati and berth prices on mySea.

Marina Kornati in Biograd

Marina Kornati in Biograd from the air


Konoba Robinson in Vrulje in Kornat: Konoba Robinson in the village of Vrulje on the island of Kornat is not only a favourite with Kornat experts. This popular konoba is one of the oldest in the Kornati National Park and serves fresh fish, meat and naturally also peka, which has to be pre-ordered. About 6 yachts with a maximum draught of up to 3 metres can moor at the jetty. As the konoba is very popular and the berths are taken quickly, it is most certainly advisable to make a reservation.

View on the Konoba Robinson in Vrulje on Kornat

Konoba Robinson in Vrulje on Kornat


Augusta Insula, Zaklopatica Bay in Lastovo: many crews have the Augusta Insula restaurant on their itinerary. Not only because Lastovo is a beautiful island off the beaten tourist track, but also because Luco and his team can conjure up first-class dishes using local ingredients – vegetables from their own garden or fresh fish from the rich fishing grounds around Lastovo.

About 10 yachts can moor with mooring lines at the jetty belonging to Augusta Insula. Water and electricity are available for a fee, WiFi is free of charge.

Restaurant Augusta Insula

View on the restaurant Augusta Insula on Lastovo

Konoba Barba in Prožura Bay in Mljet: Prozura Bay on the island of Mljet is very picturesque. Surrounded by green pine forests, islets and a promontory, the water shimmers in the most beautiful colours. There are a few fisherman’s houses and holiday homes all around the bay. The settlement of Prozura is one of the oldest in Mljet. Konoba Barba provides a few berths at its jetty and buoys in the heart of these beautiful natural surroundings. Water is available, electricity can be used, if required, with a long cable from the restaurant. Konoba Barba mainly serves fresh fish and seafood, but there are also meat dishes. There are a limited number of berths here, which are, therefore, rarely free. It is advisable to book a berth in advance.

Konoba Barba on Mljet

View on the Prozura bay with Konoba Barba


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Hotel Spongiola

Hotel Spongiola has a small harbour and is located in Krapanj, a small island protruding about 1.5 metres from the sea and only 300 metres away from the mainland. Nikica Jurić, manager of the hotel, comes from a family that has owned the land where the modern hotel has been built for many years. Hotel Spongiola is well-known among water sports enthusiasts mainly for the secure berths but also for the good cuisine.


View on the houses on Krapanj

The approach to the small hotel harbour is only possible from the south as the north of the island is very shallow. Krapanj is thickly forested and very picturesque. The houses on the east coast of the small island have been painted in attractive pastel colours and when the morning sun rises they and the surrounding sea try and outshine each other. A truly magnificent view.

Yachts can moor at Hotel Spongiola’s well-developed jetty, which has mooring berths with water and electricity. The depth of the water at the quay wall is 1.5 -2.5 m and up to 6 m at the jetty. There is a beach next to the berths. Sanitary facilities, a small swimming pool and a sauna are available at the hotel. The restaurant serves a number of regional delicacies in a pleasant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a glorious view of the sea and the mainland opposite from the terrace. Harbour guests receive a discount on their restaurant bill.


Our aerial video gives an excellent overview of Hotel Spongiola and the berths.


Krapanji is the most densely populated as well as flattest island in Croatia. While there are a lot of houses made of natural stone on the east side, the west side is covered in a dense pine forest. The island is also famous for sponge divers who have been harvesting high-quality sponges since the 18th century. Hotel Spongiola has a small exhibition on this theme in their basement. The hotel also offers diving courses.

Hotel Spongiola

View to the Hotel Spongiola

Anyone who wants to moor at Hotel Spongiola’s small harbour should reserve a berth in advance. It’s easy with mySea and you won’t pay a single kuna more than at the location itself. The exact prices for the berths can be found here.

From Hotel Spongiola you can easily explore the Sibenik archipelago. You can find a good overview about the hotspots, berthing options in good restaurants in our blog about Sibenik archipelago.