Hotel Spongiola

Hotel Spongiola has a small harbour and is located in Krapanj, a small island protruding about 1.5 metres from the sea and only 300 metres away from the mainland. Nikica Jurić, manager of the hotel, comes from a family that has owned the land where the modern hotel has been built for many years. Hotel Spongiola is well-known among water sports enthusiasts mainly for the secure berths but also for the good cuisine.


View on the houses on Krapanj

The approach to the small hotel harbour is only possible from the south as the north of the island is very shallow. Krapanj is thickly forested and very picturesque. The houses on the east coast of the small island have been painted in attractive pastel colours and when the morning sun rises they and the surrounding sea try and outshine each other. A truly magnificent view.

Yachts can moor at Hotel Spongiola’s well-developed jetty, which has mooring berths with water and electricity. The depth of the water at the quay wall is 1.5 -2.5 m and up to 6 m at the jetty. There is a beach next to the berths. Sanitary facilities, a small swimming pool and a sauna are available at the hotel. The restaurant serves a number of regional delicacies in a pleasant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a glorious view of the sea and the mainland opposite from the terrace. Harbour guests receive a discount on their restaurant bill.


Our aerial video gives an excellent overview of Hotel Spongiola and the berths.


Krapanji is the most densely populated as well as flattest island in Croatia. While there are a lot of houses made of natural stone on the east side, the west side is covered in a dense pine forest. The island is also famous for sponge divers who have been harvesting high-quality sponges since the 18th century. Hotel Spongiola has a small exhibition on this theme in their basement. The hotel also offers diving courses.

Hotel Spongiola

View to the Hotel Spongiola

Anyone who wants to moor at Hotel Spongiola’s small harbour should reserve a berth in advance. It’s easy with mySea and you won’t pay a single kuna more than at the location itself. The exact prices for the berths can be found here.

From Hotel Spongiola you can easily explore the Sibenik archipelago. You can find a good overview about the hotspots, berthing options in good restaurants in our blog about Sibenik archipelago.