Porto Rosso on Lastovo

Porto Rosso, a nautical centre resembling a marina, lies in the bay of Skrivena Luka, which means “hidden bay”, on the island of Lastovo. And in fact, the entry to the natural harbour is barely visible from the sea if it weren’t for the lighthouse, which also shows the way in the dark. The bay provides good protection from all winds and the swell, but when there are south-westerly winds there is some swell in the bay and the Bora causes down gusts from the surrounding hills. However, the bay is the safest anchorage in all of Lastovo.

Porto Rosso jetty and restaurant

View from the air on Porto Rosso, Skrivena Luka bay

The large floating pontoon is located on the western shores of the bay and provides berths for about 30 yachts up to 40 m long. All of the berths have water and electricity and are included in the inexpensive prices. The depth of the sea towards the shore is about 2 metres, outside even 10 metres. All of the pontoon guests can use the sanitary facilities behind the house with clean toilets and showers. Laundry services are also available. Small repairs can be carried out here. Boats can also be held here in the winter.

The Porto Rosso restaurant owns the pontoon that shares its name. Marčelino Simić and his team have transformed the former fisherman’s house into a modern and well-kept restaurant. The building made of natural stone is nestled between the hills and the sea, surrounded by green pines, which provide a welcome shade over the terrace. There is a small garden behind the house where organic vegetables are grown. The aroma of fresh tomatoes and herbs is extremely mouthwatering. A small pebble beach with loungers and beautiful clear water is popular with children and adults alike. If anyone wants to enjoy a drink in a pleasant atmosphere before or after dinner they can do so in the cocktail bar.

Porto Rosso serves a number of various delicacies, which even gourmets will appreciate: fish carpaccio of monkfish in a fine herb sauce, crayfish or lobsters, goat’s cheese with a wild asparagus salad and homemade bread and a whole lot more. The dishes are accompanied by selected wines, most of which are also organically cultivated and pressed. Most ingredients come from Lastovo and are farmed organically. The surrounding sea is clean and rich in fish and underwater life.

Our video about Porto Rosso gives you a good overview about the bay, jetty and restaurant.


Lastovo is off the beaten tracks of charter and generally tourism is less developed here compared to many other islands. Because of its strategic location, Lastovo was a military island until 1989 and tourists were barred. In 2005 the green island was declared a nature park. The 800 odd inhabitants live mainly from agriculture and fishing. In the last few years, tourism (water sports) has been playing an increasingly greater role.

Anyone willing to make the long journey to Lastovo should reserve a berth in advance. It’s easy with mySea and you won’t pay a single kuna more than at the location itself. The exact prices for the berths in Porto Rosso can be found here.

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