Hotel Spongiola

Hotel Spongiola has a small harbour and is located in Krapanj, a small island protruding about 1.5 metres from the sea and only 300 metres away from the mainland. Nikica Jurić, manager of the hotel, comes from a family that has owned the land where the modern hotel has been built for many years. Hotel Spongiola is well-known among water sports enthusiasts mainly for the secure berths but also for the good cuisine.


View on the houses on Krapanj

The approach to the small hotel harbour is only possible from the south as the north of the island is very shallow. Krapanj is thickly forested and very picturesque. The houses on the east coast of the small island have been painted in attractive pastel colours and when the morning sun rises they and the surrounding sea try and outshine each other. A truly magnificent view.

Yachts can moor at Hotel Spongiola’s well-developed jetty, which has mooring berths with water and electricity. The depth of the water at the quay wall is 1.5 -2.5 m and up to 6 m at the jetty. There is a beach next to the berths. Sanitary facilities, a small swimming pool and a sauna are available at the hotel. The restaurant serves a number of regional delicacies in a pleasant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a glorious view of the sea and the mainland opposite from the terrace. Harbour guests receive a discount on their restaurant bill.


Our aerial video gives an excellent overview of Hotel Spongiola and the berths.


Krapanji is the most densely populated as well as flattest island in Croatia. While there are a lot of houses made of natural stone on the east side, the west side is covered in a dense pine forest. The island is also famous for sponge divers who have been harvesting high-quality sponges since the 18th century. Hotel Spongiola has a small exhibition on this theme in their basement. The hotel also offers diving courses.

Hotel Spongiola

View to the Hotel Spongiola

Anyone who wants to moor at Hotel Spongiola’s small harbour should reserve a berth in advance. It’s easy with mySea and you won’t pay a single kuna more than at the location itself. The exact prices for the berths can be found here.

From Hotel Spongiola you can easily explore the Sibenik archipelago. You can find a good overview about the hotspots, berthing options in good restaurants in our blog about Sibenik archipelago.

Berths in Marina Hramina in Murter

When you step off your yacht at Marina Hramina in Murter you will feel the vibrancy of this former sleepy fishing village as well as the ties the locals have to the sea and boat-building. The residents have been maintaining the traditions of fishing and boat-building for centuries although nowadays (yacht) tourism is one of the village’s most important source of revenue. The 2,500 inhabitants own a large part of the Kornati islands. Many konoba owners in the Kornati National Park come from Murter and return here in winter.

Book your berth in Marina Hramina online

Marina Hramina from the air

Marina Hramina lies to the north-east of the village centre. An up-to-date nautical chart is essential for the approach as only pleasure boats with a low draught (up to 1 metre) can actually pass between the islands just off the coast. Yachts have to pass  to the east of the island of Tegina to enter Hramina Bay. The marina has 370 berths and 120 dry berths. Many of the berths are taken by charter yachts but they are usually on sailing trips during the week. The other berths are owned privately. The secluded marina has all of the amenities you would expect of a modern yacht harbour: well-kept and clean sanitary facilities, water, electricity, TV and Internet access. The service yard can carry out any maintenance work yachts may need and has a 70-tonne crane.

Several service providers, restaurant Butina, a hotel with 10 rooms, a small supermarket, a chandlery as well as a marine clothing store can be found at Marina Hramina. Scooters can be hired directly at reception.

The marina is renowned for its good service and friendly staff. This also explains the extremely positive customer reviews on mySea. Owners and guests feel at ease here. So it is hardly surprising that all of the annual berths have been taken. Even visiting yachts might have problems finding a berth for a day, especially at the weekends. It is, therefore, recommended to reserve in advance. It is easy to book a berth via mySea and it doesn’t cost a cent more than booking later at the marina. Check availability and prices at Marina Hramina.

You can find a good overview about the berths in Marina Hramina in our video from the air:

You can eat well at the marina’s restaurant but it is still worth taking a short walk to Murter. Around Trg Rudina, the main square, you will find various cafés, bars and restaurants. You will also come across small groups of older men gesticulating a lot while talking and enjoying their espressos. The narrow lanes provide some shade in summer, occasionally tourists will bustle through them. Some top restaurants such as the Fabro or Tic Tac enjoy a very good reputation beyond the shores of the island and serve first-class cuisine.

For more information on Marina Hramina go to

Online berth booking

Finally here we are: From now on you can book berths in marinas, buoys fields and (restaurant-) jetties online on the website of Initially only in Croatia but very soon also in Greece and Turkey. The aim is to make berth booking as easy as hotel booking.

Bokk your berth online with mySea

Online berth booking

Water sports enthusiasts know what it’s like: it’s summer and the sailing conditions are perfect. Yachts are sailing between the islands or are at anchor in a bay, to relax or swim in the clear blue water. But then in the evening many will need a safe berth in a harbour, marina, at a jetty or a buoy. But the popular berths are so sought-after that the available capacities cannot accommodate everyone. This has led to the renowned harbour rush. Early in the afternoon yachties start heading towards a harbour. And the closer the yachts get to their destination, the higher their speed to make sure they get to the harbour before the others. “First come, first served,” is the name of the game. Whoever manages to get there early enough increases their chances of getting a berth but is also missing out on having a wonderful day sailing.

With mySea’s new online berth booking system, boaters are able to book a berth for the same day and, therefore, bypass the somewhat annoying search for a berth. Right now in high season when many berths are fully occupied by early afternoon, boaters will have simply more time to enjoy sailing, swimming & the beautiful sea with a reservation in advance.  And they will not pay a penny more than they would pay in the Marina anyway!


The berth booking system: how does it work?

Book your berth in Marina Hramina online

Online Berth Booking in Marina Hramina

It is actually quite easy. mySea users first need to enter their boat data: type of yacht, length, width, draught, etc. Based on these parameters, mySea calculates the actual price of the berth at the participating marinas, harbours, etc. Once they have selected a suitable berth, they can book it with just one click. And pay by credit card.

mySea was able to get Paymill on board, a large international partner who guarantees secure payment transactions. The credit card data is not visible to mySea and is not saved anywhere. This makes your payment even more secure.

After the berth has been booked, the berth owners receive all of the necessary boat and customer data as well as their payment. They guarantee the availability of the berth and keep if free until late in the evening. You can book your berth for example in Marina Hramina, Marina Kornati in Biograd, Marina Zaton, Marina Losinj, Nautica Centar Milna or Marina Funtana

But not only berths at marinas and buoy fields can be booked online. Users can even reserve berths at restaurant jetties via mySea. Jetty owners set the amount themselves (usually between 20 and 50 euros). This amount is debited immediately from the credit card and serves as a kind of “deposit”. When the guest then dines in the restaurant in the evening the amount is taken off the restaurant bill, provided the berth is free of charge for restaurant guests. In this way mySea users have a secure berth and on balance pay nothing for it and the jetty owner knows exactly which customer is coming with which yacht.

Online berth booking on the app

Online berth booking on the app

Online berth booking is among others possible in Konoba Festa, Konoba Opat, Core Lounge Bar & Restaurant in Vrulje on Kornat, Buoy field in Milna near Hvar, Porto Rosso in Skrivena Luka bay on Lastovo, Restaurant Maran in Okuklje bay, Mljet, and many others.


The berth prices are the same whether you book online or pay locally. The reservation will usually cost yachties not a single cent more. Quite the opposite: when booked online the berth owners can react more flexibly to fluctuations in capacity and can even give discounts at certain times.

The entire system can be accessed in English and German. Misunderstandings with berth owners, e.g. because of language difficulties, can, therefore, be avoided. All bookings and payments are completely transparent.


Find more info on

New rules for visitors of the Blue Cave on Bisevo:

The Blue Cave (Modra spilja) on the east side of the island of Bisevo, is equally interesting for boaters and land tourists. Through the sunlight illuminates, the water in the navigable cave shines in beautiful shades of blue. That got around in recent years to such an extent that the crowds now exceed the capacity of the cave by far. Although in 2014 the price has already been raised per adult on 50 Kuna,

Entrance to the Blue Cave

Entrance to the Blue Cave

the flow of visitors not ebbed. On the contrary. At certain times, the cave is so full that the sparkling blue waters can hardly be seen out of sheer boats and dinghies.


Therefore, the authorities were forced to intervene. Driving into the cave with an own dinghy is now prohibited. You have to change to an official boat of the authorities. Skippers report that they have been waiting in the Mezuporat bay north of the Blue Cave 4 hours and longer. The problem is that only one boat transports the crews of sailing boats from the bay to the grotto. Therefore experienced skippers give the following advice:


The best way to get into the cave is to come with the yacht into Mezuporat bay and from there by dinghi to the place where the tickets are sold for the Blue Grotto. Here you have to que up, but go from here several boats go over to the grotto. Nevertheless, you should calculate 2 hours and more. And then who is hoping for a long pleasure with the bizarre play of light, will be disappointed: In order to smuggle as many visitors through the cave, the length of stay has been reduced to a minimum.


Inside the Blue Cave, Bisevo

Inside the Blue Cave, Bisevo

Nevertheless, the Blue Cave has just lost none of its appeal in midsummer. Who has been waiting a long time in the sweltering heat, will be rewarded not only by the impressive lighting effects, but also by the pleasant coolness.

Thanks to Mario Škrlj for the helpful info.

Croatia – The Land of a Thousand Islands (3/3)

Today we are going to introduce you to two more Croatian islands. The islands of Krk in Kvarner Bay and Brac off the Central Dalmatian coast. Krk is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea whereas Brac has the highest island point.



Krk has a surface area of just over 400 km² and is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea. It lies in Kvarner Bay, SE of Rijeka. The island has been connected to the mainland since 1980. About 1,300 different species of plants grow in Krk, typical trees e.g. include holly oak and downy oak. Many birds inhabit the island and in autumn are joined by a number of migratory birds. But Krk is most famous for its butterflies. Visitors can admire the many different species especially in late spring and summer. Other species of animals are quite rare on the island, the animal population mainly consists of domesticated animals. Yachters will find the many bays and anchorages around the island particularly interesting. The water is clear and some bays slope gently so that they are also suitable for families. Vela Plaza beach in the holiday resort of Baska is especially popular with families. It is often overcrowded in summer. Lots of the smaller bays, however, do not have many visitors even in high summer. There are many beaches perfect for relaxing and wiling the time away. Very popular among sailors in the Marina Punat on Krk.


KrkBrac is located opposite Split off the Central Dalmatian coast. A visit to the island is virtually a must for sailors. This is completely understandable as the “Golden Horn”, the beach near the town of Bol, is famous well beyond the island’s borders and attracts many holidaymakers every year. The beach is a promontory and the peak changes its direction during strong winds, attracting many wind surfers and kite surfers. The coast around the island boasts many larger inlets and bays, which for the most part are suitable for anchoring or mooring. Many not so known anchorages do not get full even in summer, and therefore are quiet and ideal for relaxing. But Brac is also the island of stones. The Romans used the famous white limestone to build their temples and rumour has it that this stone was even used to build the White House in Washington. Limestone rocks can be found in many fields, stacked up to form “gomelas”.